PhD Students

I am proud and honoured to provide support and supervision for the following excellent PhD researchers:


Diego Collado, “A servant to two masters. Constraints of making work pay on poverty reduction in North-western EU countries.” (2015-2020)

Tess Penne, “Decent incomes and the affordability of essential goods and services in Europe. The Added value of reference budgets.” (2015-2020)


Lorena Zardo Trindade, “Poverty and inequality in Europe: incomes and consumption patterns in comparative perspective.” (2016-…)

Daniela Skugor, “A life course perspective on early labor force withdrawal.” (2016-…)

Julie Janssens, “Investigation of the non-take-up of social rights across Belgian social assistance benefits.” (2016-…)

Petra Zsuzsa Lévay,  “The transition towards a low-carbon society: distributional implications.” (2016-…)

Josefine Vanhille, “Trade-off or synergy? The interlinkages between social and  environmental policy in the Belgian welfare state.” (2020-…)