I am a Senior Research Officer at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School (University of Oxford), where I’m involved in the ‘Employment, Equity and Growth Programme’ and a senior research fellow of the Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy (University of Antwerp) where I direct research on poverty and social protection. My main research question is concerned with how we can understand and measure poverty in a comparable way in diverse social, economic, institutional and cultural settings and which implications this has for policies oriented at reducing poverty. Apart from that, my research interests include economic inequality, the effectiveness and adequacy of social policies, and in particular minimum income protection; as well as the interactions between climate change (policies) and inequality. My research includes both quantitative and qualitative approaches, and is mostly oriented to cross-country comparative analysis with a particular interest in methodological issues. Previously, I taught ‘Society, Public Policy and Evaluation’ at the University of Antwerp and ‘Social Policy in the EU and the Role of the EU’ at KU Leuven.

4662-2350c-Tim_GoedemeMy current research projects include:

* Expert Member of Net-SILC 3, with a work package on the comparability of the income variables in EU-SILC, the EU Survey on Income and Living Conditions
* Principal investigator/Coordinator of the TAKE project on investigating and mitigating non-take up of social policies in Belgium
* Co-Principal investigator/Co-Coordinator of the Belgian SUSPENS project on reconciling environmental and social goals (with Gerlinde Verbist)
* Team leader of the Antwerp team for the H2020 project ‘Integrating Research Infrastructure for European expertise on Inclusive Growth‘ (InGRID – 2)

On these pages I bring together some of the output of my current and previous projects. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have further questions or suggestions, or if you cannot access a paper.